Digital Product & UX/UI Designer
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Client Work

Freelance client work I've done over the years

GoodPress Development • 2018

GoodPress development is a company that specializes in WordPress development, and donates 10% of every project to charity. Designing a logo for them pro bono publico was a fun way to give to a company that gives so much more. 

See the project here


Adam Carlson, Musician • 2017

Adam is a dummer and music teacher based in Portland, Oregon. I designed a Squarespace website and identity for Adam.

Siri Vik, Performer & Musician • 2014

Siri Vik is an award-winning vocalist, educator, and performer based in Eugene, Oregon. Her touring show at the time was La Vie En Rose, a tribute to the french chanteuse and icon Édith Piaf. In order to help grow the tour, I designed an interactive electronic press kit (EPK) to send to potential venues and sponsors, as well as consulted with her on marketing, her website, & her brand.

See the project here

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