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Allen Hall Advertising

Advertising • 2015 - 2016 • Account Management

What Is Allen Hall Advertising?

Allen Hall Advertising is a full-service advertising agency offering traditional, social, digital and experiential advertising, media buying and production that hires and is run by University of Oregon School of Journalism & Communication students currently pursuing a degree in Journalism: Advertising. AHA has a diverse set of clients, including chambers of commerce, beauty companies, transportation companies, and schools and departments at the University of Oregon.


Main Street Trick or Treat

Cottage Grove, Oregon, a whimsical tourist town less than half an hour south of the University of Oregon, was in need of a multifaceted advertising campaign for their annual Halloween celebration which runs up and down the community's "Main Street". Our 11 person team developed and executed a social media campaign, print design, television spot, radio spot, and a day-of scavenger hunt for the Chamber of Commerce. Our animation had the highest likes and views ever experienced on their social media pages. 

As the Account Manager, I oversaw our media planner, two creative teams, a senior and junior strategist, and an intern. I was the first layer of three to greenlight creative work, and pitch that work to our client. I scheduled our team and client meetings, maintained a shared calendar and timeline for projects, wrote invoices, kept meeting minutes, and collected payment.

The Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce loved our work so much that they hired us to handle their Christmas in Cottage Grove celebration and has entrusted the agency with both events ever since.


Case Study Video

This video is the quick recap created by the AHA production team.


Pitch Presentation

The pitch presentation that we delivered to the stakeholders at the City of Cottage Grove Chamber of Commerce breaks down the problem defined by our strategy team, and the imaginative solution designed by the creative team.  


The Characters

Four characters, Wanda, Vlad, Frank & Mo, were given individual personalities and were the faces of our campaign. 


The Animation

Our team used the characters to tell a story of community and friendship. This animation was distributed across social media platforms and was the most viewed post the City of Cottage Grove had ever seen on their Facebook page.


The Pitch Booklet

I designed a pitch booklet to give our clients so that they could follow along with our presentation. Using the style guide created by our creative team, I gave them each a copy that presented a breakdown of our proposed solution that they could take home and review.



The posters designed by our team went up all over Cottage Grove, getting people 



Christmas in Cottage Grove